Susan Sackett ONeil   MACII   MSHS Counselor,Astrologer

Tarot Readings,Counseling, Items for sale,via internet,catalogues.

Lifetimes of experience.

please call 617-999-3545

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title Owner /Director BCDC owned ...BEWITCHED

Tarot readings.traditional counseling, non traditional,ie: astrological guidance and  spirituality.

title Astrology,Tarot Readings, Yoga, Reiki,Classes, Guest Speakers Trainers

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title:Ms Susan Selke O'Neil Spirirtual  Healer

A gift from the creator I am blessed with second sight  a high IQ with a photographic memory.My education has been mostly by osmosis and a clear memory of past lives and I hold two Masters Degrees.


My counseliing skills are learned and fine tuned, my natural psychic ability and years of experience as an astrologer make this place a place to go when in need of clarity, balance and a peek into the future.


We offer items from  online  catalogues from potions to candles for all your occult or natural needs and guest speakers for symposiums.Twice a year at the Solstices we meet celebrate, give thanks and humbly ask for what we need.